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Attention to Detail


We do what ever it takes to satisfy our customers, Boom lifts, safety equipment etc...

"We offer a cleaner safer San Diego" window washing water fed poles Chula Vista El Cajon

Water Fed Poles "W.F.P"


We have the latest technology in Water Fed Poles, "W.F.P."  Water is fed through two separate filtration systems which filters the water to ZERO parts per million, final results- a super clean sparkling window... property management window washing Chula Vista El Cajon San Diego

Traditional Window Washing


Traditional Window Cleaning- When the safety of "W.F.P." are not conducive the the job, we use the "tried and trusted" traditional method of cleaning windows. property management window washing water fed poles Chula Vista El Cajon San Diego


Your windows will Sparkle... window washing


Exterior Window Cleaning Service

Allow Us To Give Your Home or Business a New Sparkle...

San Diego Pressure Washing professionals “Plus” provides professional window washing service for building structures up to three stories. Our commercial window cleaning services includes the exterior of windows, screens, and tracks.  We can design a service maintenance program for your specific building’s need.

We will come to you and give you a free estimate.

Our commercial window cleaning service can provide regular maintenance for your property on a  monthly, quarterly semi-annual schedule, the choice is yours! Call today to schedule your appointment or to get a free estimate.

Your windows will sparkle with our professional window cleaning service…

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