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Dirty solar panels can produce up to 25% less electricity! That's why solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any maintenance program. The presence of unwanted elements on the panel's surface can prevent the sun's rays from filtering onto the panel's photo-voltaic cells, thus reducing solar performance.

The following elements can lead to slow deterioration and poorer performance:

A continued buildup of dust, grime & bird droppings
Atmospheric pollution, including harmful particulates, biological and chemical molecules
Algae & moss
Tree sap

How Often Should I Have My Solar Panels Cleaned?

The location of your panels will have the largest impact on how much buildup accumulates on them. This increases at a greater rate when the panel has minimal tilt and becomes even more amplified in locations that experience low rainfall. It is these factors that have a negative impact on the amount of electricity generated by your solar panel modules as well as effect on how often you should clean.


Our cleaning methods, licenses, experience, and expertise will help ensure optimum levels of performance as well as protect your initial investment.

Our services include:

We use only pure deionized (DI) water, a water free of ions by running it through our filtration system
We use a DI water-fed pole with brush to clean your panels
We do not use detergents like other companies that can streak and damage panels
Our Green Cleaning method does not use harmful chemicals.

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